The entrance to Castine Community Health, the Northern Light health Center in Castine.With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, small museums and historical societies like ours are adapting almost daily to ever changing conditions.  Every exhibit, program, and potential interaction is looked at through this new lens of health and safety.

As adjustments and changes to our 2020 season are happening almost daily, we have created this page to give you the most current updates to our changes and programs.  Please check here often, as well as the individual event pages on this website, for the most current information.  You can always email us or leave us a message at (207) 326-4118.

During this difficult time, we want to say that we are thinking of you, our supporters, who are scattered across the country and world.  You are in our thoughts as we work together to craft ways to cope and move forward as a community and as a nation.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we continue our efforts to make the history of Castine available in the safest way possible.

UPDATES: Most recent updates listed first.  

  • August 20: BOARD SLATE ELECTION IS COMPLETED.  Please check out our NEWS PAGE for updates about incoming and outgoing board members.


  • July 29: ANNUAL REPORTS ARE POSTED.  Since we will not be able to have our annual meeting in person, reports from all committees have been posted.  Click HERE for more information.

  • July 24: “CASTINE IN A BAG” RAFFLE TICKETS ARE ON SALE.  Click HERE for more information.

  • July 17: BOARD SLATE ELECTION GOES LIVE.  Since we will not be able to have our annual meeting in person, we have adjusted the bylaws to allow for online, mail in, and phone in voting.  Click HERE for more information.

  • July 2: MYSTERY BACKYARD PICNIC PASSES ARE ON SALE.  Click HERE for more information.

  • June 30: ALL EVENTS FOR THE 2020 SEASON POSTPONED TO 2021.  This includes the Deborah Pulliam Memorial Lecture and the Annual Meeting.  Calendar listings will be updated as new dates are available.

  • June 1o: STARTING JULY 8, WALKING TOURS WILL BE OFFERED 5 DAYS A WEEK with tours by appointment 7 days a week.  48 hours notice required for tours by appointment.  See additional information HERE.

  • June 10: ABBOTT SCHOOL EXHIBITS WILL NOT OPEN FOR THE 2020 SEASON.  Risky Business seasonal exhibit will be held over for the 2021 season.

  • May 15: A Concert of Maine Music to Celebrate the Bicentennial (scheduled for July 15)  CANCELLED.

  • May 11: Exhibit opening date (scheduled for June 8) POSTPONED.  New date unknown.

  • May 11: Opening reception (scheduled for June 20) CANCELLED

  • April 17: Deborah Pulliam Memorial Lecture (scheduled for July 9) MOVED to August 11

  • March 30: 2020 House and Garden Tour POSTPONED to July 22, 2021

  • March 17: Staff begins working from home.  Grindle House and Abbott School are closed to the public.