Maybe you’re a web surfer who fetched up on this site knowing nothing about our organization. Or you’re a local resident scanning our online calendar of events. Or maybe you’re a Maine-coast vacationer with historical sightseeing in mind.

Whatever the context, welcome! We hope that something you see here will deepen your interest—in our organization and, most importantly, in the extraordinary history of Castine.

In case you don’t already know, we offer various portals to Castine’s past. Among the main ones are our popular Castine Uncovered walking tours; our varied lectures and talks; the stellar Castine Visitor newsletter; and our season exhibits. The exhibits, the centerpiece of our programming, illuminate fascinating aspects of Castine history and trace their connections to the wider world.

Consider our last three. One featured a female power couple with strong Castine ties and a seat at the center of New Deal politics. Another told the story of globe-girdling Castine merchants in the age of sail and their role in our country’s slave-based cotton economy. And this year’s exhibit examines the art and life of Castine-based modernist sculptor Clark Fitz-Gerald.

If all goes well, we’ll have more historical entry-points in place soon. These include an online catalogue to our collection; a 3rd and 4th grade local history curriculum developed with Castine’s Adams School; and a Revolutionary-era and War of 1812 self-guided virtual tour we’ve created in partnership with several other valued community institutions.

None of the above would be possible without the keen interest and participation of our in-person visitors and the commitment of our members, volunteers, staff and board. All of that, in turn, is rooted in open-minded curiosity—curiosity of the sort you showed by clicking on this page.

Thanks very much for the virtual visit. Let’s make it physical soon!

George Hatch, President, Board of Directors

George Hatch
Wenham, MA

Vice President
Howard Lowell
S. Thomaston, ME

Lisa Haugen
Castine, ME

John Mitchell
Scarborough, ME
and Castine, ME

Alice Alston
Hilton Head Island, SC
and Castine, ME

Richard M. Ames
Kiawah Island, SC
and Highlands, NC

Ellen Benjamin
Nashua, NH
and Castine, ME

Roberta Boczkiewicz
Castine, ME

William Buchanan
New Canaan, CT
and Castine, ME

Mary Dearborn
New York, NY

Kelly Gualtieri
Castine, ME

Karen Lyons
Castine, ME

Marc Pelletier
Castine, ME

Brooke Tenney
Castine, ME

President Emeritus
James M. Day
Castine, ME

Honorary Directors
David K. Adams
Lynne Dearborn
Sara F. Foote
Jack Macdonald
Marcia Mason
Ann L. Miller
John C. Parish, Jr.
Robert B. Rettig
Ruth Scheer