Castine Waterfront, Late 1800s

Our Mission

We make Castine history accessible, relevant, and inspiring to all.

Our Vision

The Castine Historical Society cultivates curiosity about our past to foster a more inclusive, empathetic, and informed society. Inside and outside our walls, we build relationships among individuals, organizations, and the community to enhance understanding of our collective experiences.

Our Values

  • Provide Access
    • We are a community gathering space, resource, and catalyst for civic engagement that is rooted in the understanding of Castine’s history and its impact on our lives today.
    • Through our collections, exhibitions, and programs, we work to ensure all people can experience the power of history.
  • Embrace Diversity
    • We strive to embrace diversity in all aspects of our institutional culture and programming.
    • We seek to promote an inclusive and broadminded understanding of Castine’s history that accounts for multiple points of view.
    • We value questions, new ideas, and unexpected connections and discoveries that arise through inquiry. We welcome challenging conversations and the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. We recognize that willingness to change our minds is crucial to understanding history and applying it to the present.
  • Demonstrate Quality
    • We responsibly care for the historic and financial resources that have  been entrusted to us, today and for future generations.
    • We communicate with honesty, openness, and transparency.
    • We promote the highest standard of excellence in everything we do.