Castine Waterfront, Late 1800s

Our Mission

We seek to invigorate our community through collaborative exploration and stewardship of our region’s rich history, engaging residents and visitors of all ages in Castine’s extraordinary past and, through it, that of New England and North America.

Our Vision for the Castine Historical Society in Ten Years

The Castine Historical Society will be actively supporting a community effort to tap Castine’s historic potential, and will be working closely with local and regional organizations to develop a common vision and shared goals for collecting, interpreting and sharing the historical resources and stories of the region.  With its community partners, CHS will be active in reaching out to people of all ages to engage them in history experiences on the landscape as well as on campus.

CHS’ campus will be experienced as an open, welcoming and dynamic corner of the town common year-round.  As part of CHS’ efforts to become more integrated with the community, the campus will be fully developed, ultimately featuring a balance of exhibits and classroom and public meeting spaces, in addition to its preservation and research center where people with any type of local historical interest can access the collections and expertise of staff.

CHS archives and object collections will be accessible onsite and, when appropriate, digitally for historians and others seeking to discover narratives of Castine’s history through primary research.  Through community involvement, the collections will be intentionally developed to fill gaps in the historical record and to support research, exhibit and publication programs initiated at CHS or elsewhere.

CHS will be financially sustainable and have the administrative and organizational capacity to achieve and sustain the vision elements above, and CHS’ Board of Directors will be demonstrating strong, cohesive leadership of the organization and in the community.