President Emeritus Jim Day and volunteers install bricks in front of the Abbott School.

Bricks fill the sidewalks surrounding the Abbott School.  What started as pathways filled with blank bricks are now a growing remembrance of Castine Historical Society supporters that will be appreciated by future generations.

You can join the Brick Project by simply purchasing a brick, which will be inscribed to your specifications, including up to three lines, with a maximum of 12 total characters (includes spaces) per line.  Your inscribed brick will then replace an existing blank brick.  Our inscribed bricks have included names, anniversaries, birthdays, and even beloved pets.

Each brick costs $50, and can be purchased by downloading the attached form HERE and either sending a check or by paying with a credit card via our website. Revenue from brick sales is used for the support of our buildings and other Castine Historical Society projects.  An inscribed brick makes a wonderful gift, and is a wonderful way to support the Castine Historical Society.

Total Bricks
Additional Brick Inscriptions