Books in the Castine Historical Society CollectionThe Castine Historical Society was organized as a non-profit corporation in 1966, and, in accordance with their stated purpose, members began collecting historical information and accepting objects on behalf of the Society. The collections—including photographs, documents, artifacts, maps, essays, research notes, books, and paintings—were kept in members’ homes and in Emerson Hall.  From the beginning, the collections were in frequent use for displays, research, programs, educational projects, and publications.

After the Society moved into its headquarters at the Abbott School on the Castine Common in 1996, the volunteer Collections Committee received training in archival methods and began a rigorous effort to document donations and loans. In 2008, the Society hired a professional curator to manage the collections, assist researchers, and support volunteers working on exhibits and programs.  In 2015, the Grindle House restoration and archival storage construction was complete, ready to securely store the collections and have plenty of room to accept donations documenting every aspect of Castine area history right up to the present day.

We’re committed to the long-term preservation of historical materials and to making the collections available for research as well as to support projects centered on community growth.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.