Celebrating 50 Years

  • Castine & l' Hermione: Celebrating History and Friendship

    Photographs and a video slide show document the arrival of the French frigate and the festivities at Castine rekindling intimate ties between France and the United States.  Follow the timeline of four stories and learn where they intersect in history.

  • The French Frigate & the British Fort: L'Hermione &

    L'Hermione brought Lafayette to aid America during the Revolutionary War and then the ship sailed up the coast in search of enemy ships.  Follow the story of Lieutenant Louis Rene de Latouche, Captain of l'Hermione, by reading his journal and experience first-hand the nautical charts and instruments of the time.

  • Castine Community Bicentennial Quilt

    Designed and constructed by sixty members of the Castine community, this 24' long mural was presented to the Castine Historical Society in celebration of the town's bicentennial in 1996.  The quilt's squares and panels depict Castine's history and feature the native flora and fauna of the Maine coast.

  • The Penobscot Expedition 1779: Making Revolutionary History

    This exhibit brings to life the history and context of a little known American naval defeat through period letters, documents, reports, maps, and charts.  Read and use the primary sources to discover for yourself how historical evidence is used to make history.