Social distancing at Castine Selectboard meeting March 16. Courtesy PenBay Press

Saving Local History in a Global Pandemic


Vicky Lee at the 2020 Castine Easter Parade. Photograph by Jean diSabatino.The Castine COVID-19 Collection project seeks to gather our individual and collective experiences during this world-wide historical moment. The resulting archive will stand as part of the story of how Castine, its residents, organizations, businesses, and families coped.

The Historical Society will safeguard whatever you donate from letters, emails, and posters to art, music, photographs, and anything else you create, hear, or find (even one-liners). Thank you to everyone embracing the project during a rough time. You are leaving a crucial legacy for future generations in Castine.

Contact Jules Thomson by email or leave her a message at 326-4118. Contributions may be emailed now, and sent by post, pick-up or delivery later when it is safe. Please know that for an archive such as this, we can redact names, if requested, and/or you can set restrictions on when the material will be available to the public (for example, 15 years from now).