Donate to the 2018 Annual Appeal

What is superior about the Castine Historical Society is its use of history in a way that ties the past to the present. The exhibits do not point back to another age with nostalgia; instead, they show how an earlier practice, event or relationship has led to contemporary issues. The Historical Society not only delights visitors but enlightens us. It’s always a pleasure, and frequently one that contains surprises, to visit this excellent institution.

                                                                     2018 visitor, Cambridge, MA

The Castine Historical Society strives to make the past relevant to today, and the above visitor’s comment shows we’re succeeding. But we couldn’t have achieved this success without your support and encouragement.

Thanks to your membership dues and year-end Annual Appeal donations, the Castine Historical Society uses history to teach and inspire people from throughout the world. This year almost 4,000 visitors enjoyed our exhibits and programs!

To continue to make all this possible, we hope you will consider making an Annual Appeal gift today.  Your gift will make a significant impact, allowing us to continue to organize quality exhibits, provide thought-provoking education programs, collaborate with other Castine organizations, preserve the Historical Society’s historic buildings, and care for our growing collection.

One goal of the Historical Society’s Five-Year Strategic Plan stresses collaboration with community partners to tap into the economic, educational, and recreational potential of Castine’s rich history. We are working toward that goal with an exciting new initiative: a Castine Virtual History Tour.

The tour is being developed thanks to a three-year commitment of time and finances by the Castine History Partners (the Castine Historical Society, Wilson Museum, Friends of Witherle Memorial Library, Maine Maritime Academy, and the Town of Castine).

Visitors can take the free tour in Castine using their smart phones or can view the tour on the web. This innovative experience will debut later this year. The project will not only present Castine’s history using the latest technologies but will enhance Castine’s visitor experience thereby contributing to the town’s economy through tourism.

In future years, the Partners plan to add thematic tours. Potential examples are literary Castine, Revolutionary War, or Witherle Woods. We will also engage local businesses, restaurants, and inns in the process to provide value to the entire community.

Your Annual Appeal donation can assist us as we continue to work with community partners. You do so much for us, and we are very grateful for your support – whether through your membership, volunteering, attending events, or your Annual Appeal gift. Your continued support makes a difference! We look forward to seeing you next year when we debut our new exhibit, “Risky Business: Square-Rigged Ships and Salted Fish.”