Liam Riordan lectures at MMA Delano Hall. Photo by Aaron Paley.

Each year, the Castine Historical Society brings in speakers for its Annual Meeting, as well as for special events or subjects.  These lectures are recorded and made available to everyone.

Annual Meeting Lectures

Annual Meeting 2016

Peter Davis, Castine resident and award winning author and filmmaker, is the speaker at the 50th Annual Meeting and makes observations about the Society’s first half century.  His talk is entitled, “Happy 50th Birthday, Castine Historical Society: Some Truths, Lies and Consequences of Your First Half Century.”  Mr. Davis’ bio can be found HERE.

Annual Meeting 2015

Building and Grounds Committee Chair Marcia Mason, Contractor Steve Shea, and Curator Paige Lilly speak about the construction of the renovated Grindle House.

Annual Meeting 2014

Gail Winkler, distinguished preservationist and design historian, discusses the thinking that went into the interior design decisions for the restoration of the Historical Society’s acquisition of the Grindle House. Dr. Winkler’s bio can be found HERE.

Special Speakers

Frederick Church’s Paintings of Maine

Noted art historian and author John Wilmerding joins the Castine Historical Society for a special event celebrating the opening of the Samuel L. Grindle House.   A bio for Mr. Wilmerding can be found HERE.

Here’s Looking At You, Castine

Members of the Castine Arts Association present a tribute to the town historically, literarily, poetically, photographically, and anecdotally.  Includes special appearances by Mary Appleman, Harry Kaiserian, Paul Gray, Dixie Gray, Sandy Dinsmore, and Riva Berleant.

Jim Stone

Noted historian and educator Jim Stone takes us on a historical tour of Castine through the ages, much as he used to walk tourists through the town on an architectural tour.